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AOL Mail is one of the free internet-based email services from AOL which is brand marketed by Verizon Media. AOL Mail offers below features

  1. Email attachment: Email attachment is a file sending option along with the email message. The size limit that AOL Mail allows is 25 MB.
  2. Mailbox: The email or mailbox of AOL Mail allows 1000 new emails, 4000 old emails and 4000 sent emails per screen name.
  3. Supported Protocols: It supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP.

Apart from these features, AOL Mail also offers a link to other email accounts, ads, spam protection, virus protection, and spell check option, etc.

If you are using AOL Mail but you are not aware of all these features and services of AOL Mail, email support becomes a pre-requisite for you. We provide complete AOL Technical Support Phone Number+1-833-781-6465 .

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AOL Customer Support is popular for delivering long-lasting and great performance. We are providing tech and customer care support for AOL emails. Our Tech Support Team is 24x7 available to deliver the Best AOL email Support and tend to listen carefully to our customer’s issues.

Who We Are?

AOL Tech Support +1-833-781-6465 is one of growing third party Email Support providing companies with guaranteed customer satisfaction. We offer 24×7 online customer support for all email enquiries and errors. We have an expert tech team who is updated with all the latest technology. Our mission is to create error-free email services and available for all your email enquiries.

Solutions we provide for errors you face while using AOL Mail

When you use AOL Mail following errors may trouble your workflow:

  1. Authentication Errors: If your AOL Mail is not authenticating your username or password, you can contact us anytime as we work 24/7.
  2. Connection Errors: This is one of a common error widely faced by users. We resolve all your connection or unsecured connection errors.
  3. Recovering Password or email id: We help you to troubleshoot both the queries recovering AOL Mail password and getting back your email id in case you forget your email id.
  4. Errors while sending emails: We troubleshoot AOL Mail sending failed message errors. There are various reasons for this issue.
  5. Errors while receiving emails: When you are not able to receive emails there could be a number of reasons. Maybe the problem is occurring from the sender end but you are not aware of it. We are here to sort out these errors for you.
  6. Reset AOL Mail: We troubleshoot reset and configuration AOL Mail errors in our AOL Mail Support +1-833-781-6465 .

Frequently Asked Questions:

    How to Fix problems while sending AOL Mail?

    How much does AOL cost per month?

    AOL costs you around $4.99 per month.

    Does AOL delete old accounts?

    If you have not logged into your account within the last 180 days then your account will be deactivated and it will simply delete your account.

    Is AOL a POP or IMAP?

    AOL recommends using the IMAP settings in an email client instead of POP3, although both protocols are supported. IMAP syncs the service with your AOL Mail account.

    How To Create New AOL Free Account

    How do I reply to an email on AOL?

    Open you email and click on reply

    How do I create an email group in AOL?

    How Do I Reset My AOL Mail Password

    How do I send an email to my entire AOL contact list?

    Sign into your AOL account and go to your AOL mail box. In the Mail Options drop-down menu, select Address Book. With your address book open, highlight all entries. Click Compose. Copy all addresses and paste into a MS Word document. Press CTRL+F to open up the "Find and Replace" menu.


If you need help related to your AOL mail whether it’s common login, password, email attachment, password reset, email configuration, and other issues, you can contact us by dialing our AOL Email Support Phone Number +1-833-781-6465 . Our expert team listen carefully to our customers and rectify their email errors step by step accordingly. We provide services by many methods like call, chat and remote access. Our team is extremely experienced, skilled and dedicated towards their email support services. Aol email support team will tell you some basic troubleshooting steps and will resolve your email related problem because we trust in customer satisfaction.

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