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AOL Mail is a web application providing free email services developed by AOL which is a part of Verizon. AOL Mail was formerly known as America Online. AOL Mail offers business email services, news, spam protection, Virus protection, spell checking, and much more. You can have up to 7 usernames per master account so that your employees can have their own email address. The free version of AOL Mail allows you to create as many new email accounts as you want.

How to create new AOL free account

  1. Go to and click sign up.
  2. Enter your full name and enter the email address you want to use. Click “Check” to see if the username is available for use. If it is already taken, enter a new username.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Select age by clicking the drop-down menu and then select your gender.
  5. Enter a ZIP code and select a security question from the list.
  6. Enter the answer you can remember.
  7. Enter an alternative email address to recover your account, if you wish to.
  8. Click the Next and then continue to sign up.

If you find any difficulty while creating AOL free account, you can contact our email tech support website and get instant live chat support from experts. Our tech support service is 24/7 available. We are constantly working towards creating hassle-free email services so that you can work smoothly.

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