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Common Email Error Codes: Technical Support Areas

Often we get an error message when we try to login or send emails. The error message is in code and the code consists of three digits numbers. You may find the below main error codes while you are using emails, also their meaning and solution will help you out to understand these error codes in a better way.

Code Meaning of the Code Solution
101 Server is unable to connect with the recipient. Check whether you have entered a correct email address or Email Contact Customer Care Number +1-833-781-6465 .
111 Connection error. Recheck your network configuration, if you still face the problem contact your email service provider.
211 Server information or system status. This code gives additional information about the server.
214 Help message. The error code specifies the information about your particular server.
220 Server readiness message/everything is OK. This is a welcome message to show that your domain service is ready.
221 Transmission of domain service is closed. Your mailing session has ended. Nothing to worry about it as all your emails have been processed.
250 This is just a response message of your request This is just a mail delivery message.
251 Recipient is not local but the message will be sent. This error code identified the recipient doesn't belong to the local server but your mail will be delivered.
252 Server is not able to verify the recipient but will attempt delivery. This error code identified the recipient doesn't belong to the local server but your mail will be delivered.
354 Server has accepted the details. This code shows server has accepted your mailing details include "From", "To", "CC" and "BCC"
420 Connection issues from Internet Provider’s End. This code error occurs due to the GroupWise server side. There are two possibilities of this error: Your email address has been blocked by the recipient or there is any hardware problem. Contact Email Technical Support Number +1-833-781-6465 USA.
421 Connection issues/ service unavailable. Either your or the recipient's server is not available for the moment. Contact Email Customer Support USA.
422 Mailbox is full of the recipient. Ask your recipient to delete irrelevant emails.
450 Mailbox of the recipient has been corrupted or unavailable due to IP issues. The server will try later to send email again.
452 Insufficient storage. Check your sent emails and the recipient emails as well.
500 Server is unable to recognize the command due to a syntax error. In this case, contact Email Tech Support Number USA.
501 Server found a syntax error. This error appears due to an invalid email address or connection problem. Check your internet settings.
502 Command is not executed. Contact your email service provider
503 Server encountered a bad sequence of command error. Check if authentication is needed.
504 Syntax error. Contact your email service provider for email login issues.
521 Domain error. Check your domain or try Email Technical Customer Support Phone Number +1-833-781-6465 .
541 Message couldn't be sent due to ant-spam filter. Your messages are sent to spam folder. Ask your recipient to remove you from the blacklist.
550 Unavailable mailbox or non-existent email. Contact your recipient and ask to check the email address.
551 Recipient doesn't belong to the local server. Contact your internet service provider.
552 Exceeded storage allocation. Check whether you are not sending any heavy attachment with your mail.
553 Entered a wrong mailbox name. Check all your email address you want to send the message.
554 The transaction has failed from the server's end. Contact at professional Email Technical Customer Support Phone Number+1-833-781-6465 .

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